Whisper City Pro-Wrestling

Whisper City Pro-Wrestling

The RPG of indie-circuit pro-wrestling in a mutant-and-demon-infested post-apocalyptic midwestern mill town!

MOdular Character Design

Roll to randomly generate one of six Bio-Types, one of four Wrestler Types, and one of six Intellect Types! Select your signature moves, including Finishers and Submission Holds! Design your weird wrestler from top to bottom in mere minutes.

Fast-Paced Wrestling Action

Simple combat system designed around the King of Dice, the D12! Wrestle in and out of the ring! Wrestle men, women, bears, mutants, demons, frankensteins, wrestle everybody!

Adventure as a weird Pro-Wrestler

This is not strictly a wrestling game. This is an game about roleplaying a wrestler, what he eats, where he sleeps, where he goes to drink his beer in silence, and most importantly, what sorts of wild adventures he gets into outside of the wrestling ring!