Keep Quiet: Expert Edition

Keep Quiet Cover 3rd iteration.jpg

One- or Two-Player Fantasy RPG!

KEEP QUIET: EXPERT EDITION a solo/duo RPG adventure by Theodore Mallison. Requires one 12-sided die to play. Copyright 2018 Cuss World Books

Somewhere in the trackless marches that lie between the realms of form and chaos sits a stout stone keep on a rocky outcropping rising from a dense, black forest. The simple folk who dwell in its shadow in the town of Oom have named it KEEP QUIET, for never a peep have they heard from out that place.

Still, quiet though it may be, they like it not at all, for something without shape shuffles along the stone floors of the primeval peel, and the winged denizen of an unpleasant plane who sits a silent vigil atop the ramparts will be stirred to violence if he hears a single sound from within KEEP QUIET...